Demographic Information

*Demographic information is not mandatory for registration.

Minors Parent/Guardian Information

Emergency Contact Information

Registration Details

Membership Type

*National license mandatory to hold international license.

*All international licensed competitors are required to undergo a thorough evaluation of their medical health prior to competition.

If no is selected, or medical clearance is note provided, an international license will not be issued. Medical clearance letters must be kept on file with PTSO.

* International licensing requires a minimum SAIP Insurance purchase (FIS Masters excluded).

*Additional SAIP insurance programs may be available. Please connect with your PTSO for more information.

Returning Competitors' License Numbers

Other Information

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All registration forms and any other applicable documents must be executed in full and returned to your club/PTSO, or completed in full through their online portals prior to participating in sanctioned activities. Inactive or incomplete registration may put you and the sanctioned activity at risk.

For further information on registration details, please connect with your club/PTSO or visit Alpine Canada's website,

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